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I basically forgot about Valentine’s Day until we went out to eat this evening and couldn’t figure out why it was so damn crowded on a sunday night. Then I looked around. I saw lots of women all dressed up. Along with them were their significant(?) others…..looking…well…insignificant. I thought about V day silently to myself. […]

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What’s to know about the young man that fired the semi-automatic weapon in Tucson? Who cares. It simply doesn’t matter to me. We live in a gun crazy society where anybody can get a gun and shoot it indiscriminately. Why? Simply put, guns kill. We don’t have to know why. Shouldn’t we ask..why so easy? […]

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Last month I had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my leg. Since then my zeal for cycling has been dampened, to say the least. I’m sort of mad at cycling. Mad at the sun, and as always mad at Florida. Right now I’m looking outside. I see the sun shining through the clouds. I’m […]

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Lately I’ve been reading a bit about the war in Afghanistan, specifically Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. I find it incredibly frustrating to even think about. My simplistic view is this: We are spending $57,000 per minute in Afghanistan. We are cutting funding for healthcare, education and basic “social security” and quality of life things […]


High School graduation. Capitalism at it’s finest. Where do I begin complaining? The irritations are numerous. Let’s start with the senior pictures. In order to get in the yearbook you have to book a photo session with the contracted school photographer. Of course said photographer lacks skills in photography. Standard fees apply. Ironic humor abounds. […]

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You know, I love my dog but I hate taking him to the vet. I always feel like I have to be prepared for mind games when I go there. Do you have any idea the amount of money I potentially could have spent there? It’s amazing that my precious Roger is still alive and […]

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I hope the show is better than the trailer, because if that’s all they’ve got……pfft. Of course it may succeed in the eyes of some easy thinkers I’m sure. So much money thrown around for program development and real substance is absent. I know its modeled after the British program. Other copycat shows have succeeded […]

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All I wanna do is write about my fun day in the swamp. First I have to jump hurtles through word press for iPad, because iPad is still a bit gimpy. But these hurtles are nothing compared to the muck and mosquitoes I conquered today. Fun fun fun, but glad I was alone. I allowed […]

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I never could have predicted that happiness in my life would be defined by a bicycle. I should have known as much. My fondest memories of childhood and even teen-age hood are of riding my bike and the places that it took me. I’m only writing about this today because I am still flying high […]

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The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo. Ibtisam showed this to me yesterday. I thought it was so incredibly beautiful that I wanted it on my website. The most amazing thing about it is that it is completely computer generated. Modeling, texturing, illuminating, rendering all done by Alex Roman. He also sequenced, […]