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I’m trying not to let the towjob forever ruin my memory of Runyon Canyon. Not gonna happen. Later today I’m going to drive back and get a second look at the parking sign. The sign that says I can’t park there. The parking spot among other parked cars on Hollywood Blvd near Fuller. It seemed […]

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I got a little irritated when I googled the boston marathon recently. I wanted to look at the results. Valerie Bertinelli’s name came up in the search. WOW….she finished the boston marathon ahead of her 50th birthday. Big deal. Tons of women much older finish the boston marathon and with much better times. These celebrities […]

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Mediocrity. That’s what I feel. What an utter disappointment the marathon was for me. I truly felt prepared. Much more so than seven years ago when I ran my first. I know I’m a better runner today but you wouldn’t know it from my result. I put in the very long runs. The speed work. […]


Sitting here listening to the rain, which I love. Makes for a cozy first entry into my blog. (BTW thanks Matt for all your help, it means the world to me!). ┬áThinking about the marathon tomorrow and hoping the weather clears, which it’s supposed to. Wonder if I’ll finish at my goal time, or finish […]