…planning my escape
A work in progress
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uneaten food

totally upset that the neighbor’s kitty scared all my birds away from the feeder.. i hope they come back…

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summerland beach

encountered on the beach tonight…..horsies, one black one white, ridden by a cali cowgirl….man on a unicycle with his harlequin great dane tagging along……the tide out uncovered the big black lunar rocks…..brindle mastiff sniffing under them….crisp fall air….home around the corner…light the fireplace and make hot chocolate…spicy sacrifice from chocolate maya…top it with whipped cream…….luv […]

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I almost never post on this site anymore but feel the need again..but this was my glass of wine fueled rant about Romney… i’m never on Facebook…and i really don’t know how many of you are “liking” mitt romney…but i feel compelled to strongly comment on my impression of him…he is NOT LIKE YOU…he has […]

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When I don’t have much time I loop in and out of the streets in my neighborhood, running with my dog Roger. Much to my surprise during one of those runs I saw two ducks waddling down the sidewalk on Kelton Ave. It was very strange because Kelton Ave. is perpendicular to Olympic and Pico […]

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Notice the fan.

I need to settle down….I’ve just walked into the Florida Drivers license hovel where am treated like an inmate at San Quentin. This greeter has got to hate his job, but denied it when I asked him. I’m only here because Florida initially issued me a drivers license that was good for 15 years….can you […]

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I was looking forward to the opening of the new Dali museum. I thought it would be one of the few interesting things that we could do when my sister visited. Likewise for my daughter and her boyfriend from San Jose. I hated it. Sooo…. a few reasons why. 1. First and foremost are the […]


I basically forgot about Valentine’s Day until we went out to eat this evening and couldn’t figure out why it was so damn crowded on a sunday night. Then I looked around. I saw lots of women all dressed up. Along with them were their significant(?) others…..looking…well…insignificant. I thought about V day silently to myself. […]

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I hope the show is better than the trailer, because if that’s all they’ve got……pfft. Of course it may succeed in the eyes of some easy thinkers I’m sure. So much money thrown around for program development and real substance is absent. I know its modeled after the British program. Other copycat shows have succeeded […]

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All I wanna do is write about my fun day in the swamp. First I have to jump hurtles through word press for iPad, because iPad is still a bit gimpy. But these hurtles are nothing compared to the muck and mosquitoes I conquered today. Fun fun fun, but glad I was alone. I allowed […]