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Last month I had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my leg. Since then my zeal for cycling has been dampened, to say the least. I’m sort of mad at cycling. Mad at the sun, and as always mad at Florida. Right now I’m looking outside. I see the sun shining through the clouds. I’m […]

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All I wanna do is write about my fun day in the swamp. First I have to jump hurtles through word press for iPad, because iPad is still a bit gimpy. But these hurtles are nothing compared to the muck and mosquitoes I conquered today. Fun fun fun, but glad I was alone. I allowed […]

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I never could have predicted that happiness in my life would be defined by a bicycle. I should have known as much. My fondest memories of childhood and even teen-age hood are of riding my bike and the places that it took me. I’m only writing about this today because I am still flying high […]

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A few weeks back I started a draft about the enigma of Floyd Landis. It was prompted by the French computer hacking accusation and subsequent rant posted by Floyd…….”@TheRealFloydL: Shit! Fuck LNDD Fuck USADA Fuck J.Papp Fuck P.McQuaid Fuck T.Tygart and Fuck You!” I can’t link it because the twitter account no longer exists. They […]

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I gotta start at the top, my encounter with Jens. Front row seats at the starthouse were perfect for random comments to the riders of my choice. I struck platinum (once again) with Jens. I asked him where his aero booties were, “I left them at zee hotel.” At first I didn’t expect an answer. […]

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Where do I begin? I had a satisfactory blog post all done and ready to publish. I think some time change glitch published it in the past and it disappeared. This is just another irritation to add to my list. At this point a numbered list is easiest. 1. Vintage VDub won’t start in the […]

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How do you compare bike riders, really? Ever since I started cycling in earnest I have to say that I have been in a one sided love/hate, mostly love, relationship with Lance Armstrong. His coming back to cycling last year was very interesting to watch. And watch I did. Especially the back of the bus […]

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Enough with the white faces. Yesterday morning before taking off with the cycling group, I was struck by how many white faces I saw. People piling on the sunblock to face and body, with the same product. ┬áThe white faces look stupid, the sun block runs, burns you skin and your eyes, and did I […]

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I love riding my bike but I hate all the high school crap that goes along with it. I truly envy those of you that have your cycling groups that ride very week with the sense of security and comradery┬áthat I feel is missing in mine. I say it in such a manner because according […]

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So, just wrapping up an excellent day. Billy and I went out to Ft Desoto to do some riding. After that the beach, dinner then watch the TT series at the fort. (thanks to Flying Fish Bikes for sponsoring) great day for time trialing, btw. I picked a restaurant right in Pass-a-Grille, a walk from […]