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gawd i hate romney
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I almost never post on this site anymore but feel the need again..but this was my glass of wine fueled rant about Romney…

i’m never on Facebook…and i really don’t know how many of you are “liking” mitt romney…but i feel compelled to strongly comment on my impression of him…he is NOT LIKE YOU…he has no idea how you live or what your daily struggles are…he says what he thinks he needs to say to get elected…i highly doubt he will do anything to benefit the average middle class person…his tax policies will only benefit the wealthy and if you notice most people that endorse him are either very wealthy….socially tight in the ass or entirely uneducated on the facts i.e. ignorant or just plain stupid….or perhaps they would like the world to revert to the 1950s….idk….he hides under this businessman idea that that’s what we need to run the country..but those of us in healthcare know that the country is more complicated than that…there are life and death decisions every day..that involve money…one of us WILL get a life threatening illness that potentially will wipe us out financially….maybe you would rather beg for help with donations than have a healthcare system that is there for you when you need it…my benefit from the new system (that’s not even in full force yet) is that my 23yr daughter can be covered under my insurance while she is still in ridiculously expensive college….romney would get rid of that…..if you like the idea of women as second class citizens…..vote for romney..im not even making this up….don’t buy his snake oil. his ads are outright lies……look into it…..

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  1. Romney says:

    Hate you too, Jayne.

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