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Kelton Ave. ducks
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They are so trusting and friendly.

When I don’t have much time I loop in and out of the streets in my neighborhood, running with my dog Roger. Much to my surprise during one of those runs I saw two ducks waddling down the sidewalk on Kelton Ave. It was very strange because Kelton Ave. is perpendicular to Olympic and Pico Avenues, two very busy city streets. There’s no watering hole (for ducks) anywhere near here. A couple happened to be walking across the street and I asked them “what’s the story?.”

So it happens…for a few years now these two ducks come back every year (pretty much to the day) on April 14th. Somewhere along the line they discovered a purple kiddie pool out in someone’s front lawn and decided to make it their home. So every April on or around the 14th the owners haul the pool back out and fill it with water…..and the ducks come and neighborhood feeds them. So really not surprising that they return every year to a safe and fruitful place. I wonder how long they stay?


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