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Dehumanization at the DMV
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I need to settle down….I’ve just walked into the Florida Drivers license hovel where am treated like an inmate at San Quentin. This greeter has got to hate his job, but denied it when I asked him. I’m only here because Florida initially issued me a drivers license that was good for 15 years….can you believe it? I don’t want to give up that photo. I can’t renew online because it’s too old so I must appear here at this lovely place surrounded by lovely people. I feel like I’m in a third world country. I’m surprised it’s air conditioned…oh wait it’s cooled by fans.

Anyway I thought the DMV was all about getting a license to drive. It seems to have morphed into a place for vetting identity. You must have a passport or birth certificate as ID to get your license renewed. But last time I got my passport I had to have my drivers license to get my passport. A bit of a Catch 22.

My fault, I forgot to grab my passport but I thought I had ample identification. Apparently not. The guy wasn’t even civil. He made me feel like a worthless piece of shit. He wouldn’t make any eye contact. Nor would he even commiserate with me. As I turned to the primary detention area (waiting hovel) I announced to all my intense dislike for the intake official. To my surprise, nobody said a word. They were all sitting there with blank stares on their faces. They looked kinda scared.

I have to say things ended on a more positive note. Once I got back to the photo booth I dealt with a really nice woman. We both agreed that “Phil” had to go. A miserable individual like that should not be dealing with people….at the miserable DMV no less.

He is actually creating terrorists…..as I fantisized about destroying the place entirely.

One last thought…the demographics at the DMV don’t match the community at large. Why is that? And why on earth wouldn’t you make an appointment? The line for appointments was vastly shorter.

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  1. Jade says:

    You are very good at voicing your opinion in a manner that’s enjoyable to read! Couldn’t agree more.. but couldn’t put it as comically as you!

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