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New Dali Museum…..house of pain.
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one of the nicer security guards...note patron in the background.

I was looking forward to the opening of the new Dali museum. I thought it would be one of the few interesting things that we could do when my sister visited. Likewise for my daughter and her boyfriend from San Jose.

I hated it. Sooo…. a few reasons why.

1. First and foremost are the men in black. They’re everywhere. Security. Didn’t know the crowd at the Dali was so rough.
Every twenty feet there was a pesky security guard yelling at you for something…no photos, no talking, no touching, you’re standing too close.

2. Some security guards wore sunglasses.

3. My sister lived in Paris for two years and visited the Louvre many times. Security was worse at the Dali.

4. You enter through the “gift shop”….ugh.

5. The gift shop is bigger than the gallery.

6. The main gallery is claustrophobic.

7. The gift shop “team” wore black baseball caps that said Dali on them.

8. It felt like a Florida gallery.

I’m not so sure that Dali would have liked this place. I could be wrong but I feel like the gallery sold it’s soul for commercialism. I know I didn’t find it enjoyable at all. I won’t be back. Here’s a couple of contraband photos.

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