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Tow Fee
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I’m trying not to let the towjob forever ruin my memory of Runyon Canyon. Not gonna happen. Later today I’m going to drive back and get a second look at the parking sign. The sign that says I can’t park there. The parking spot among other parked cars on Hollywood Blvd near Fuller. It seemed fine. We left for a hike up the canyon around 3:00pm and returned around 4:30pm only to find an empty spot where our car had been. I had nothing but my phone. Money and cards were in the car. What if the contents of the car were stolen? My ipad is in there.

On the parking sign that said no parking on Monday for street cleaning (it was Tuesday) was a 311 number.

I called it. After a greeting from the mayor of LA (can you believe it) I was placed on hold for at least 10 minutes. I had about 23% left on my phone battery. I’m kicking myself because I left my cards in the car. How am I gonna get my car back if I can’t even take a cab to get it?

I hate this mean city.

Lucky for me (hah) the impounding was only about a mile away. We could walk.

After $250 total fee, I was free to get my stolen car back. The car the city of Los Angeles stole from me.

That was my hotel room money.

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