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Valentine’s Day
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I basically forgot about Valentine’s Day until we went out to eat this evening and couldn’t figure out why it was so damn crowded on a sunday night. Then I looked around. I saw lots of women all dressed up. Along with them were their significant(?) others…..looking…well…insignificant.

I thought about V day silently to myself. Many things come to mind. I remembered as a child and for many years into my young adulthood, my father never failed to get my sister and I each a box of chocolates. Of course in the shape of a heart. I seem to remember the boxes of my childhood being much fancier and prettier than the ones made today. I wanted to do that for my kids too. I think I have failed to do it as often as I would like. Problem is, I’m not about to run off to the chain drugstore and buy a box of crappy chocolates just because. Anyway…..

My secret wish has been for many years to just once get a mysterious something sent to me, either at home or at work doesn’t matter, on Valentine’s day. Tomorrow…..I wait.

In the mean time….this piece in the Village Voice sums it up WAY better than I ever could….read it.


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  1. MJB says:

    Hope you got your surprise….

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