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Gun Control
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What’s to know about the young man that fired the semi-automatic weapon in Tucson? Who cares. It simply doesn’t matter to me. We live in a gun crazy society where anybody can get a gun and shoot it indiscriminately. Why? Simply put, guns kill. We don’t have to know why. Shouldn’t we ask..why so easy? Why so easy to get a gun and rapid fire on a nine year old child?

I don’t understand the mentality. My father was a machine gunner in the infantry during WWII. He knew guns inside out. We never had any at home and he didn’t talk about them. He experienced firsthand the horror that guns cause.

It will be interesting to see if Giffords stand on gun rights changes upon her recovery. Those affected by gun violence tend to favor gun control. Funny how policy changes when it becomes personal.

Rather than talking about gun control, politicians are talking about decreased public access and increase in protection. Do we want a society where our public officials fear for their lives? Why can’t this country progress beyond the musket toting mentality of the Revolutionary War? Why can’t we evolve? There will always be anger. There will always be mental instability. Why fuel it with easy access to guns? Why???

I would love to hear feedback from those that live in a more civilized society.


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