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Lately I’ve been reading a bit about the war in Afghanistan, specifically Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. I find it incredibly frustrating to even think about. My simplistic view is this:

We are spending $57,000 per minute in Afghanistan.

We are cutting funding for healthcare, education and basic “social security” and quality of life things for people that live here.

We have an enormous federal deficit that was created and is sustained by war.

Where do we prefer to spend our money?

What kind of people are we? The Afghans that live in the Taliban controlled areas don’t even know why we’re there, making it easier for them to hate us…. creating more enemies.

Our allies are also our enemies….Pakistan, Karzai.

People change sides easily for money.

When will we learn that we can’t make other cultures want to be us.

Where’s Bin Laden?

Any mostly…..why don’t I feel like it’s an issue in everyday life even discussed by the average person. Money spent on war started this shit deficit mess…

When will it end?

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