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High School graduation. Capitalism at it’s finest. Where do I begin complaining? The irritations are numerous. Let’s start with the senior pictures.

In order to get in the yearbook you have to book a photo session with the contracted school photographer. Of course said photographer lacks skills in photography. Standard fees apply. Ironic humor abounds. The fun starts with the “package choices” and the “a la carte menu”. The costs racks up quickly. “Oh and did you want the 48 wallet sizes for $105?”. I feel like its 1975. No thank you. I have an iPhone. (irony)

Let’s move on to the announcements.

Afternoon classes (not important) were cancelled. In their place, Official Graduation Announcement and Cap and Gown package handout, supplied by Herff Jones, International Court N. St Pete. The department store styled flyer included all the wonderful add-ons to complete your graduation experience.

The price list provided separately. Contracts differ with each High School. So you get the picture.

I should go online and check out the cap and gown prices before I start complaining, but I won’t. Why can’t the school just have a cache of gowns in basic sizes that are recycled year to year? This marketing process is exhausting, and a waste of time and money. I guess it’s good for Herff Jones.

So Matt, how about that nifty class ring?


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