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Veterinarian vs. Pediatrician
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You know, I love my dog but I hate taking him to the vet. I always feel like I have to be prepared for mind games when I go there. Do you have any idea the amount of money I potentially could have spent there? It’s amazing that my precious Roger is still alive and thriving considering the procedures that I have turned down. I can’t help but compare this to the visits to the pediatrician where sometimes begging for tests is in order.

For example this morning I took him in for annual shots. I had to turn down (not in any specific order)

1. Four baby teeth extractions due to concern for overcrowding and tartar buildup.

2. Premedication with benadryl for a mere $30.00 to mitigate side effects of the vaccine. (cost on benadryl injection is pennies)

3. Repeat attempts to remove dewclaws, which I forcefully decline. I see this as unnecessary pain and suffering for a remote chance of it “catching on something” and even greater chance of post surgical infection.

4. Full battery of lab tests to screen for a multitude of things including leukemia and kidney or liver disease.

5. Declined Kytril for nausea and vomiting. Roger threw up once because he swallowed stuffing from a toy. Mind you, approval for use of kytril in certain cancer patients requires prior authorization for payment!

All of this with a little guilt thrown in on the side. Contrast this with a visit to the pediatrician.

1. Pediatricians don’t give dental exams…unless of course you visit a pediatric dentist. Then the behavior is akin to a veterinarian. But that’s another blog entry in itself.

2. Premedication for vaccines? Almost never. Grin and bear it kid, maybe some Tylenol afterward if you have symptoms. Your in your out!

3. Dewclaw removal, doesn’t apply. (HaHa, well maybe sometimes) But there are some peditricians/obstetricians that are a little too eagar to circumsize.

4. Just try to get bloodwork done at the Pedi office. Usual story, “Oh she’ll be alright. Just keep an eye on her and call me if she gets worse. Repeated sore throats and fever are in order before they’ll take a second look.

5. Regarding anti-emetics, kytril wouldn’t even be considered. End of story.

My point is that both of these professions are financially driven. The veterinarian wants you to spend because generally it is 100% reimbursement. You pay them what they ask for. The peditrician, on the contrary, is lucky to get 66% of what they bill for.

I have the utmost respect for both of them. It’s a long haul through school not to mention the cost of an education and in the end they have to haggle to make a go if it. Not the way it should be……

4 Comments to “Veterinarian vs. Pediatrician”

  1. jade says:

    love love love this post. you crack me up. it is amazing how much can go wrong with your pet though…

    working at the animal clinic, i know beyond a doubt that I do not want to be a vet in a clinic. i hate that it’s a business- and they have to turn away numerous clients with dying miserable pets because they cannot afford it. and the wildlife that comes in aren’t looked after unless there is nothing else to do- and only with minimal treatment. i understand its a business (the company went out of business earlier this year from giving too many treatments for free) but it’s so hard to accept!

  2. jayne says:

    to jade…..i’m with you on this…..

  3. samunder says:

    I don’t know if I should go.Ogle dewclaw…

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