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maybe the first official amateur review of american top gear trailer
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I hope the show is better than the trailer, because if that’s all they’ve got……pfft. Of course it may succeed in the eyes of some easy thinkers I’m sure. So much money thrown around for program development and real substance is absent.

I know its modeled after the British program. Other copycat shows have succeeded like The Office but this is different.

Here’s how I think they should do it.

They should hire real auto enthusiasts. Keep the basic model of the show but make sure the people you hire are allowed to let their colorful personality (provided you cast those with one) develop with respect to each other. The trailer was so transparent. I didn’t feel for once a speck (peewee herman’s dog’s name) of sincerity in what they were saying. And pleeeeze let them be honest. I don’t want to hear endorsements for crappy cars.

That’s all. It was so bad in my view that I was compelled to write. It will be interesting to see if the show takes. But again many shows are out there that simply are not worthy. Pandering mediocrity to make a buck.


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  1. Jared says:

    Word, Jayne DuVall. Word.

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