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All I wanna do is write about my fun day in the swamp. First I have to jump hurtles through word press for iPad, because iPad is still a bit gimpy. But these hurtles are nothing compared to the muck and mosquitoes I conquered today. Fun fun fun, but glad I was alone. I allowed (had no choice in the matter) myself to fall a couple of times in the muddy water and chuckled about it all alone.

The first trail, thank god, was mostly dry and I was just getting used to riding on sand and over roots. I went slow with a smile on my face. Every once in a while there would be a pool of water on a corner that I had to maneuver through. Each one gave me more courage. Some were just oh shit sections that I managed somehow. So I emerged from the squiggy trail and onto the pavement. Just before a right onto a trail called “Gatorbait” I saw a guy come out completely covered in mud. I asked if it was wet. Yeah it’s extremely wet. I made the turn anyway thinking I could always turn around. Once I got sucked in, there was no turning around. I kept thinking oh this is the worst of it. Oh no. At one point the water got up to my knees. I hit a section that was totally underwater. I kept a steady cadence through but hit mud with too hard of a gear and the bike just stopped and I tipped over face down in the mud. The first thing I saw was a giant grasshopper, a flat woods lubber. I’m sturdy I say to myself, it’s ok, good time for a photo. Two seconds after I get my phone out I am swarmed with mosquitoes. I felt like I was in the Amazon. I kept thinking of the amazon walkers. I’m loving my pseudo adventure!

When I finally get out of the abyss, the pavement seems so easy, a breeze. I ride with a newly earned swagger. I’m thinking this has been a great intro to mountain biking, sink or swim. I just can’t wait for the new challenge. Isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s what keeps me alive.

P.S. I was on high alert the whole time lest I hang myself with a tree branch.

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  1. Great description of your ride through the swamp. I am still laughing as I re-live your adventure. Thank you for your descriptive writing and your adventure. Next time I get attacked by a swarm of mosquito’s, I’ll be thankful that I’m not on the “Gatorbait” trail. I’d say that your trip was a success for sure. I may have to throw some fat tires on my bike and roll that trail when I get to that part of the country. Any amazon-type trails will bring a smile to my face.

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