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A few weeks back I started a draft about the enigma of Floyd Landis. It was prompted by the French computer hacking accusation and subsequent rant posted by Floyd…….”@TheRealFloydL: Shit! Fuck LNDD Fuck USADA Fuck J.Papp Fuck P.McQuaid Fuck T.Tygart and Fuck You!” I can’t link it because the twitter account no longer exists. They sacked him for that but he’s reincarnated @painfreehip. Other alter egos might consist of: @fakefloydlandis, @floydalandis, @2floydlandis2, @Therealflandis1, @floydlandis1. List not all inclusive. Anyway he’s baaack, and with a vengeance. I certainly don’t need to elaborate on the story. Here’s a link to an interview Floyd did with Bonnie Ford of ESPN.

What troubles me is my response to him. I don’t hate him like everyone seems to. Should I? He has been characterized as a snitch and a rat. His motives are questioned. Why question them? Its obvious to me. He is pissed. Obviously these opinions of mine are without solid facts. I certainly don’t know what goes on outside of the media, but from what I can see he is trying to come back and with an international cycling team and its just not happening. Why? Is it him? or is it them? Why won’t the top teams sign him? Ability or liability? He thinks he has been hung out to dry and I don’t blame him. Imagine if you were him. Doping practices adopted not because you engineered them but because your DS and team leader/owner and many other teams/DS believe they are necessary to compete. If you don’t, then what? You don’t play. And then to sit back as he has after his suspension is over and watch all of his peers that doped still riding. Watch Lance Armstrong continue to reap benefits from his masterful ability to play the PR game knowing that he doped. I can see the festering wound. What kind of pressure exists/existed to cause so many athletes to do it? Competition, a word I understand. What is amazing to me is the “Code of Silence” that seems to exist. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear the conversations in the bus or the peleton. Do these guys talk to each other or what? Is there a huge elephant on the bus?

So the big question is if Lance doped, why hasn’t he ever tested positive? Did the team have a heads up on testing dates? Did the team enjoy favoritism? Favoritism bought in the form of donations, (think lobbyist). There is also the strange case of Vladimir Gusev. This article further illustrates the fact that some cyclists return and some don’t. Why? (Makes me wonder about David Millar, what did he do right?)

Another thing that bothers me is the responses to Floyd’s accusations. They aren’t simple outright denials. Wouldn’t you say if wrongly accused “That’s a lie!!” or “He is full of shit, it didn’t happen.” What I hear is an attack on the messenger, casting doubt on his credibility (understandable). Lance says, “We like our word”, what kinda answer is that?

And then there is this interview with Allen Lim babbling incoherently.

Granted Floyd does lack credibility. But it kills me that nobody believed him when he said he was clean and now nobody believes him when he said he was dirty. One thing that really does bother me is that he solicited funds for his defense while lying about it. I have a problem with that. That I don’t understand.

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