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Stage 7: My view with special guest star Jens Voigt
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I gotta start at the top, my encounter with Jens. Front row seats at the starthouse were perfect for random comments to the riders of my choice. I struck platinum (once again) with Jens. I asked him where his aero booties were, “I left them at zee hotel.” At first I didn’t expect an answer. You know alotta guys are very focused, some are just asses and won’t talk. Anyway, Jens stood up just before go time. He proceeded to stretch his hammies right in front of me. I couldn’t help myself and made some dumb “ooh lala” comment. He was smiling. He removed his water bottle from his bike, which incidentally looks pimped out in a sort of nursing home way. The aerobars are mounted on a stand above the handlebars. Perhaps he has back problems or he’s just too big for the bike. So back to the water bottle, he takes it out and starts preening himself with the water. Squirting it all over the front if his skinsuit. “Oh Mawh Gawd”, said I. One last sip of water and a quick toss directly to me and the Saxo bank, naturally biodegradable white water bottle was mine. Jens went on to power through another incredible TT with fifth overall only 59 seconds back. Remember gang he’s almost 40. He doesn’t talk about his age like some riders. He really is the best.

Other random thoughts during stage 7:

Hincapie looks like a skeleton in a red suit with really bad leg veins.

Jani Brajkovic looks like a small girl.

Chris Horner looks wicked fit.

Andy Schleck has NO visible leg muscles. Or any visible muscles for that matter.

Jens is the bomb.

Too much Levi love here.

Liquigas rides on clinchers. at least one rider not aware of this. (the mechanics give me)

Bert Grabsch, thickest rider.

Announcer said MANY stupid things.

Bissell time trialing with zipp discs with Easton sponsor.

Reid Mumford (KBS) mother was behind me.

Best t-shirt seen: “ROSEBUD WAS A BIKE”

Thomas Rabou KOM leader time trialed on a Colnago with Ultegra gruppo, that’s wrong!

Downtown Los Angeles nicer than expected.

ATOC finish line only for VIP tickets, that sucks.

Tom Boonen super sweet guy.

LA Live jumbotron broadcasting ESPN during the race, WTF??

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  1. leepean says:

    Hi sir,
    The saxo bank skinsuit looks so smart, may i have clear picture of front and back? So that i can have a good look. You can send it to my email box.
    Many Thanks!

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