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Hale Pua, Hale Poo Poo
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Where do I begin? I had a satisfactory blog post all done and ready to publish. I think some time change glitch published it in the past and it disappeared. This is just another irritation to add to my list. At this point a numbered list is easiest.

1. Vintage VDub won’t start in the morning after camping.

2. Vintage VDub won’t start after lunch.

3. AAA battery replacement temporary fix is just that. VVW won’t start after camping at beautiful el Capitan state beach.

4. wordpress iPhone app won’t save draft about bug-less, cliff dwelling campsite with perfect weather and glorious views and wildlife filled hiking trails.

5. Missing today’s queen stage at big bear. Fear of pavlovian vintage vdub failure.

6. Sister won’t join us at Hearst Castle on Sunday, lame sick husband excuse.

Hopefully tomorrow will turn around. Got a hotel reservation right on the time trial route in downtown LA. Dumping the van back to it’s rightful owner. It’s too bad because camping in it is really fun.

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