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the best facial sunblock on the planet
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Enough with the white faces. Yesterday morning before taking off with the cycling group, I was struck by how many white faces I saw. People piling on the sunblock to face and body, with the same product. ┬áThe white faces look stupid, the sun block runs, burns you skin and your eyes, and did I say it looks stupid. Without trying to sound like a commercial (it’s difficult), you must try Kiehl’s ALL SPORT “NON-FREEZE” FACE PROTECTOR SPF 30 SUNSCREEN. It’s the bomb! I’ve been using it for a few years now and absolutely can’t live without it. I bike in 90 degree weather for over four hours and don’t have to reapply and my face NEVER gets burned. Nor does it burn upon application. Nor does it give me that silly candy-ass white face look. It is a candelilla wax base that provides a great moisturizing environment. I have even used it on saddle chaffing, before and after rides. I also love it for dry winter weather. It’s the best. Luv it, luv it, luv it. That’s all I can say. Check it out here.

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    I love you, Mom.

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