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Apphole saga cont….
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This story just keeps getting better and better. Just love how the truth keeps morphing. So now the guy that found the phone  has an attorney to protect him from the Apple thugs. Yeah, it really is creepy that “people identifying themselves as representatives of Apple appeared at his home seeking permission to search the premises. But as I’m reading the Wired article I’m immediately struck by the spin that the lawyer has put on the integrity/character of his client.

“His attorney says he recently transferred schools and will resume his college education in the fall. He has been working part time at a church-run community center giving swimming lessons to children and volunteered at a Chinese orphanage last year while he was enrolled in a study-abroad program.”

“He also volunteers to assist his aunt and sister with fundraising for their work to provide medical care to orphans in Kenya,” his attorney says. “Brian is the kind of young man that any parent would be proud to have as their son.”

This is hilarious. What a wacko fake world we live in.


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