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I’m completely sucked into the gizmodo vs apple saga. Trying to get in touch with my feelings, my gut says stick up for the little guy. Except which one? I think I like this story because I can’t readily identify the bad guy. I want to finger Apple. I mean come on, I feel like they are big brother. I love apple but I hate what they have become. What would you do? Jason Chen had the scoop of the year. How could you turn that down? Then there’s the guy who found it. Wouldn’t you just call a number on the phone to try to find it’s owner? The phone couldn’t have been deactivated that fast. And was that the best thing for apple to do deactivate it. In doing so weren’t they resigning to not getting it back? And on that note, why the delayed police response? They already got the phone back. I mean it was lost and found and returned albeit somewhat delayed. Someone said they called apple to return it and got the run around. It’s not like it was stolen, the guy lost it in a bar! These players are small compared to Apple. Is it really necessary to play the bully? How are they harmed by this except at their own doing by being jerks. I love apple, but I loved them more when they were the rebels, now they are behaving just like the PC guy. Stuffed shirt. I’d love to know all the gorey details. This saga will make a great movie with incredible potential for character development. Can’t wait to hear what happens next.


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