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Celebrities have it too easy
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I got a little irritated when I googled the boston marathon recently. I wanted to look at the results. Valerie Bertinelli’s name came up in the search. WOW….she finished the boston marathon ahead of her 50th birthday. Big deal. Tons of women much older finish the boston marathon and with much better times. These celebrities are on easy street. Always getting patted on the back for things that people accomplish all the time without all the fanfare. Granted she did raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, again which is much easier for her to do with her celebrity that the average person. Mind you average people raise thousands of dollars for various worthy causes all the time. Fund raising for a cause is currently in vogue. Guess it’s good. Just would like to know that those dollars actually get used in a worthy fashion. Enough rant, gotta go to work (the least interesting thing i do).

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  1. Jadee!!!! says:

    Who’s Valerie Bertinelli? I sent you a link for the video “the story of stuff”. I ordered the book too- i’m intrigued. I’m such a “stuff” person… its terrible!

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