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It’s raining outside so the morning hill ride was scrapped. The ceiling is dripping water in more than one spot. Dirty dishes are in the sink. Assorted clutter is everywhere. I need a new distraction. “Hey Billy, why don’t you teach me how to play chess?” In my book, if you can play chess you must be smart right? I need to be considered smart, therefore I need to learn how to play. I now have a headache. All of my preconceived notions about board games don’t apply here. I keep forgetting that I can move backwards. It’s not necessarily a sign of retreat. I have got to take risks in order to learn, but I am afraid of making a mistake. This sounds familiar. I am jealous of Billy’s ability to see moves down the road. Just keep it simple I tell him. Its more than enough for me just to see how each piece moves. SLIDE IT! I need to see how it moves. Moving it in the air seems like hocus pocus. I am finding this game very difficult. I need a method. A recipe to learn. Maybe some opening moves. The only problem is that you can’t predict what you opponent will do. I relish the day when I can play with intuition. To be able to look at the pieces on the board and instantly make the move. Chess really is a metafor for life. I haven’t mastered that yet either.


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  1. jade says:

    metafor? hehe I don’t know how to play either. you can play me when you come out because both of us will be equally hopeless

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