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The Black What?
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So, just wrapping up an excellent day. Billy and I went out to Ft Desoto to do some riding. After that the beach, dinner then watch the TT series at the fort. (thanks to Flying Fish Bikes for sponsoring) great day for time trialing, btw. I picked a restaurant right in Pass-a-Grille, a walk from the beach. We sit down outside. It’s lovely weather. A guy at a nearby table is talking loudly to his “date”? Do we have to listen to his expert knowledge on the real estate situation in downtown St. Pete and his trips to Cabo and Costa Rica? Whatever, so we start looking for our own fun. It materializes in the form of our waiter. And what can I get for you miss? I’ll take the merlot from Spain. “oh you mean the Honora Vera Merlot 2008”. Yeah right. That’s it. Billy and I look at each other. “I think he’s creepy” said Billy. So he comes back with the wine (after a long hiatus). We order. I’ll have the tapas sea scallops and also the crab cakes. “oh the callos mofongo with the cangrejo tango”, in his so superior demeanor. Yup that’s it. He walks away and Billy says to me, “did you see the pens in his pocket?” There had to be six of them lined up in his white guayabera. We looked at each other and smiled. What’s he need all of them for? Kinda funny, know it all waiter in need of a pocket protector. So we make conversation, mostly to avoid listening to eharmony next to us. I tell Billy about the NPR piece today regarding the violence in Juarez. In the 70’s it was a spring break destination for those of us at UNM. The most violent city in the world now.  Why does the world have to be like this? Money and survival I guess.  So were eating now, food’s good. What’s this place called? Billy asked. I think it’s the Black Tulip, er the Black Palm idk. Oh, he says. I need another glass of wine. Billy tries to get the attention of that guy that’s waiting on us. What was his name…… papermate? Oh, here he comes finally. “Did you see his shirt?” said Billy. I think it said “the Black Pen”. This place is called the Black Pen?? Together we laughed at our smug little joke. Billy can be funny. I love when he makes me laugh and he loves when I love it. It really was funny. He signs the bill and hands me the pen (courtesy of Mr. Papermate). It’s really quite nice. Black zebra Zgrip in medium ball point. I place it in my bag and we walk out hand in hand.

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