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bad music!
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Is there any place in tampa where good music is played? I was out at a few places this weekend enjoying the warmer weather. Stopped at an outdoor “bistro” downtown, couldn’t wait to leave because i was subjected to noise posing as music. not only was the music bad but the speakers were terrible as well. it’s not the first time this has happened to me here. Bad music is pretty much the standard. GOTTA get out of this place. is there no taste here at all? the weekend criterium downtown was great. nice to see bike racing in “downtown” tampa. more noise pollution though, curtis hixon park offered up some southern preaching saturday afternoon during the race! i mean really! more rants about tampa. recently my son and his girlfriend were here for a weekend. she wanted to walk around the city, you know get to know it…..embarrassed! that’s what i was. went to the new museum. it was nice, however small. next time i guess we’ll go to st. pete. their museums are better and the overall outdoor vibe is much better. i know this is rambling just have to get it off my chest. if you want a mediocre city with no mass transit to speak of, partial bike lanes at best, bad music, no outdoor living (unless you have a boat and/or live near the beach) tampa is the city for you……hope you enjoy the photo, it’s from the park where you are not allowed to do anything, no biking or skateboarding please. i have plenty more to complain about but i have to go to work, complaint in itself.


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  1. samunderi says:

    What a great memory: “shower before entering.” Hah, I’m not mentioning the poop.

  2. Matt Peterson says:

    I agree Tampa sucks. At least there inst a homosexual population like here in San Francisco!

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