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Bill and Jayne’s Excellent Adventure
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It was like pulling teeth to get Billy out of his comfort zone. Yesterday I got this very exciting idea in my head. We would bike from San Antonio to Deland to see his brother instead of the gawd awful car ride through Orlando. It’s a little over 100 miles. It would be perfect for getting my bike legs back. Not to mention that the miles wouldn’t hurt him either. He didn’t want to do it. “but what if…blah, blah, blah.” And then “what if…waah,waah,waah.” I’m doing it no matter what. So I get up early and put on my bike costume. With no words spoken we get ready for the ride. The weather is beautiful. A little chilly but blue skies and no rain. There’s a strong wind blowing out of the west at 20 plus mph. This is great because half of the ride is directly due east! Nothing better than a tail wind. Once we get out of our usual riding roads, the adventure begins. Uncharted bike roads for me are always welcomed. My fears of Route 301 quickly melted away with the new pavement and ample riding lane. Wow this is nirvana! We hit Wildwood where it’s quite busy with traffic and construction on a new bridge (not seen on google map). All kinds of crap on the side of the road and pretty soon, you guessed it, a flat. Not just any flat but a gash in the side of my tire. Ride over. God dammit! Three miles from the tailwind. Sooo….here we now sit, basking in the sun waiting for Billy’s bro to pick us up. Eh, will definitely try it again. I still think I lived a little today in my own small way.

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  2. Old Fart says:

    There’s a theme in the data above….can you find it? So …..here’s where you perform your therapeutic intaspective dialog ….very nicely done! I am a fan. I wish I had the discipline. Loved the photos and I actually spotted Bill in one of Matt’s pic’s ….Missed you guys in PA ….wasn’t the same …but you know that. Tell WD that I extend my warmest wishes and hopes that he has a great day on Sat…54 wow. I hope he’s holding out better than me…. Maybe i’ll buy a bike for my bday!?!?…….naaa..832-229-3326

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