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Mediocrity. That’s what I feel. What an utter disappointment the marathon was for me. I truly felt prepared. Much more so than seven years ago when I ran my first. I know I’m a better runner today but you wouldn’t know it from my result. I put in the very long runs. The speed work. The diet and the miles per week. I am always humbled during races. I see someone pass by that looks like they have no right to. Hey! I look fitter than you, what’s going on here? What went wrong? What could I have done to prevent the cramps in my toes and arches that halted my progress? Why me?? The only thing left is redemption. Gotta try again. So last night I signed up for the NYC marathon lottery. If I am lucky I’ll get another chance. The only problem is that I wanna ride my bike too. How do the ironmen do it? If this is my only dilemma, I should be grateful. Oh and one more thing, the newtons, worth every penny! 26 miles and absolutely no blisters or rubbing, nothing. And of course the volunteers and cheering people on the course make ALL the difference! The marathon is truly an adventure.

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  1. sdoownek says:

    Bollocks. You ran….26.2 miles.
    That’s an accomplishment to be proud of.

    Run for the joy of running.

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