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I’m not Jayne DuVall, I just happen to have access to her password (extremely predictable, by the way). This was supposed to be a video embed test, the example being my Mom’s submission to the Cervelo “Enjoy Your Cervelo” video contest. But since I’m invading her site like this, I might as well make it meaningful. Right now I’m in Savannah, GA, too far to give me Mums a hug, so I am hoping this can substitute that just a little.

Jayne DuVall is an astounding woman, stronger than any I’ve known. The following are supporting facts to that statement:

  • She’s sacrificed more than anyone could ever ask to insure her children enjoyed the best lives possible.
  • Through the majority of my childhood memories, she worked twelve hour night shifts, then drove us to school, only to pick us up again in a few hours.
  • She picked up sky-diving for a few years in between work and sleep.
  • She runs for tens of miles, and bikes for hundreds, for fun.
  • She has successfully guided two children into adulthood, and is working on the third.
  • If given the chance, she could do anything.
  • She will beat you in any argument.
  • She has fantastic taste in music.
  • Sometimes she drives for six hours just to visit me for one day.
  • She drove across the country, alone, to visit Amelia (my sister).
  • She has a better sense of humor than most people my age.
  • She will call you out on your BS.
  • I hope that someday I can be as sure of myself as she is.
  • She has done such an incredible job raising me, I look back and wonder if some parts I thought were just coincidence were actually planned and calculated.
  • If I feel like I can’t do something, I imagine I’m her, and I GET THAT SHIT DONE.

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